Other Volunteers

As an Orphanage, our daily activities require us to seek volunteers who have a genuine interest in looking after vulnerable children.

We are looking for volunteers who also have a willingness to support the important role of providing both regular and professional skills for our orphanage.

When you volunteer your skills and services, you will indirectly be adding to your profile and you will be exploring a fascinating experience.

Not only will you be giving us your skills and time but you are also helping Comfort Home to save the cost of such services provided by yourself and by that you will be making available funds for us to use for other necessary needs like feeding and clothing.

Whether you are a non professional or professional volunteer, your service and time is most appreciated and will go a long way to help Comfort Home.

Our Parent body in the United Kingdom will annually give out service certificates to all our meritorious volunteers. This will be our way of saying thank you!!!!